May, 2023

Villa Añoranza

Orange County, CA

A cherished family home that was passed down through multiple generations, Villa Añoranza presented a unique opportunity to design not just one, but two distinct homes on the same property. The main house was built by the original owner, with the owner’s children later building a stand-alone casita on the same property. We sought to honor the family’s remarkable legacy by crafting a home focused on communal spaces and ideal for multigenerational living, while updating the home to embrace the studio’s design principles and infuse it with a modern sensibility.

We redesigned the main villa to have a more open layout, creating an airy great room with integrated living, dining, and kitchen spaces, which we sought to function as the central hub of the home where the family could gather together.

We used an abundance of natural wood, organic materials, and large windows to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the entirety of the villa. Soft arches, rough-hewn natural stone for the kitchen backsplash, lofted ceilings, and plaster in the master bath were carefully incorporated to pay homage to the home’s old-world charm. In the great room, wall-to-wall sliding doors served not only to bathe the space in natural light, but to also connect the great room to the beautiful courtyard, bringing the outdoors into the home.

The functionality and versatility of the casita was enhanced by creating a full kitchen and bath, a wine bar, and dedicated mudroom and laundry area. A wooden slat wall was built to frame the staircase leading to the second floor of the casita, adding visual interest and creating a more open feel to the enclosed and narrow staircase.The redesigned Villa Añoranza stands as a heartfelt ode to the past and a testament to the enduring imprint of cherished traditions and meaningful connections.